Danielle Marino, LCSW

Child Therapy in Chicago


"We spent years seeing doctors and therapists to help our daughter's Encopresis and anxiety issues. Danielle was the only practitioner who helped our daughter make progress.  We highly recommend Danielle to any parents!"

-M.P., Chicago, IL

“Danielle has helped me learn how to address my son’s tantrums so that they can be minimized. We have all seen positive results in reduced conflicts between the children and reduced whining at home.”

-L.A., Highwood, IL

"Wow-where to start?  We signed on with Danielle for behavior modification work--helping our son be more considerate of others.  Then our son had a medical trauma and had hysterical levels of anxiety.  Danielle jumped in with fervor to meet our emergency.  She taught us how to employ tools that she designed specifically for our son to defuse his anxiety attacks.  She masterfully enlisted all of us--including teachers and school staff and my son's psychiatrist--to take ownership of a coordinated group effort to meet my son's needs.  She has been available to us at all times.  With her guidance, cheerleading, coaching, goal-setting, and motivation our son survived a bout of generalized anxiety and has returned to a level of normalcy.  Before Danielle, our son couldn't separate from Mom without a panic attack.  Now he separates without a problem!"  

--C.Y. Chicago, IL

"Danielle's work with our daughter has been extremely productive.  My daughter has a more positive attitude about challenging work now since using the techniques Danielle taught.  Danielle possess a fabulous combination of being light-hearted and fun as well as firm and having high expectations of all of us.  I think she is so talented and effective that I have recommended three of my friends consider contact her for help with their kids.”  

--M.H. Chicago, IL